I love my craft as well as the place where Iā€™m fortunate enough to practice it. Each piece I create is a unique adventure reflecting the wild beauty that surrounds me. My work is an endlessly rewarding challenge in the pursuit of creating something useful, artistic and lasting.

In 1994 I found my 23 year old self on a small ferry riding out to a small island near the Canadian border. I had just arrived from the East coast and this was the first day of my apprenticeship with furniture maker Alan Rosen. I had zero woodworking experience.

I immediately fell in love with both woodworking and Lummi Island. For the last 25 years I have been refining this craft as well as deeply rooting myself in this beautiful island and its community. I intend to spend the rest of my life continuing down this road.

I share this journey with my wife Samya and amazing teenage twin boys. Our free time is spent exploring the nearby US and Canadian islands as well as the alpine world of the coastal mountains that surround us.

Salish Sea across the street from the shop

Salish Sea across the street from the shop