After working with numerous clients over the years, I’ve developed an effective design methodology that allows for a healthy collaborative effort between me, my clients and any other designers involved. The success of my business is founded on a process that reflects the vision and needs of each customer, while at the same time satisfying my own sense of aesthetic and quality. I lead a clear and efficient design dialog that allows creativity to unfold en route to a common goal. 

This process typically begins with an exchange of sketches and images to convey the aesthetic you wish to see in the finished piece. I often suggest a search on Google Images or A sense of budget is also critical. My approach to design, choice of joinery and materials will differ based on a $1,000 budget and a $10,000 budget. We can determine an estimate or cost-not-to-exceed in advance so things stay comfortably within expectations.

Once I have a sense of aesthetic and budget, I’m ready to begin the design process in earnest. I work with a 3D design program where I can create dynamic views of a design which can be reviewed over email - or over my shoulder. This creative and fluid workflow allows the client to see exactly where a design is at any given point. Ideas can be experimented with, discarded or developed further. The final drawings I create allow a customer to know with confidence what they are getting and what it will cost well before the sawdust begins to fly.

Finally, the sawdust! Meticulously laid plans are manifest into a physical object! The real work takes place in my woodworking studio on Lummi Island. Every piece that comes out contains a bit of the wild beauty that surrounds me … sometimes literally! Though I find inspiration in these natural elements as well as classic design, what fuels the uniqueness of each piece are the people for whom I create.